Our Mission

The Princeton Neuroscience Network aims to connect, educate, and inspire individuals through neuroscience. Specifically, we are dedicated to promoting a strong, interconnected neuroscience community at Princeton through panels, faculty talks, research symposiums, social events, and local outreach.

Although mainly driven by undergraduate students, our projects involve the work of graduate students, post-docs, and faculty. A major focus of PNN is also outreach, through which we hope to expand our network to local youth and organizations who can benefit from what Princeton offers in neuroscience.


In Spring 2015, neuroscience became a new undergraduate major at Princeton. PNN was first formed as a response to the introduction of this new major and to enhance the experience of undergraduates interested in neuroscience on campus. Since then, PNN has expanded its vision and now aims to provide more opportunities in neuroscience for students across all discplines and for local youth. 

What We have Achieved

  • Reached over 30 full-time committee members 
  • Reached over 50 non-committee members.
  • Collaborated with other student groups to increase interest in neuroscience on campus
  • Collaborated with Garden Theatre to screen movies with a professor from PNI
  • Organized guest speaker events and outreach activities on- and off-campus 
  • Held two research symposiums highlighting the work of undergraduates in the neuroscience department